Send us your reasons to be cheerful!

4 of David Byrne's guidelines for his Reasons To Be Cheerful:

1. Most of the good stuff is local. It’s more bottom up, community and individually driven. 

2. Many examples come from all over the world, but despite the geographical and cultural distances in many cases others can adopt these ideas—these initiatives can be utilized by cultures other than where they originated.

3. Very important. All of these examples have been tried and proven to be successful. These are not merely good IDEAS; they’ve been put into practice and have produced results.                               

4. The examples are not one-off, isolated or human interest, feel-good stories. They’re not stories of one amazing teacher, doctor, musician or activist- they’re about initiatives that can be copied and scaled up.

So what makes you cheerful in culture, civic engagement, climate/energy, economics, education, health, science/tech, social, transportation, etc?

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