Roskilde-current rock star will make you happy

Photo / Billy Farrell / Ritzau Scanpix

Photo / Billy Farrell / Ritzau Scanpix

Tonight you can hear him at the main library in Copenhagen.

Normally, I'm not so excited about rock stars, who suddenly decide to save the world.

It sounds too hollow when the U2 prostitute Bono preaches world peace while large portions of his own fortune are placed in tax havens .

But if there is one star, which can make me tick, it might be David Byrne.

Perhaps his name does not tell you anything but as a lead singer in the legendary band Talking Heads, David Byrne is one of the most significant alternative pop and rock artists this planet has fostered.

However, that is not because the old silver crave plays this year's Roskilde Festival that I'm writing this article. No, that's because you can see him live at the main library in Copenhagen this evening .

Not as a musician, but as a preacher.

David Byrne has set himself up to make the world a better place to live.

"I imagine that there are many who are currently fearing the earth is undergoing. When I wake up in the morning and look in the newspaper, I always break "oh no!" And are depressed half of the day, "he writes initially on the website

And that's precisely why David Byrne has started his new project 'Reasons To Be Cheerful'.

He simply means that we need to start collecting positive news.

Yes, be preserved. Of course, he also wants to promote his upcoming album 'American Utopia', which comes on the street March 9th, but it's just a bias in this regard.

The primary message is that he will make you and me more happy to put more focus on good things that happen.

On his website, David Byrne therefore invites everyone to submit examples of development projects and initiatives from around the world that actually make a difference.

Projects that have already proven their worth in one way or another and that can easily be moved across borders and cultures.

For example, he highlights an experiment launched by the Portuguese government 15 years ago. At the time the government chose to legalize all drugs, which today has meant a significant reduction in the number of heroin addicts and a decrease of 85 percent in the number of fatal overdoses.

And then there are bus stations in Colombia, which with very few funds have been transformed into cultural gathering points for the poorest citizens.

These are the kind of projects that David Byrne has started collecting. Or, as he himself says,

"There are actually a lot of encouraging ending actions and things around the world - they have given me hope and I want to share with everyone else," he says at the Facebook event.