New Models of Collective Housing: Sydney!

Decades of  unchecked speculative land investment have helped to make houses in most major cities some of the most inaccessible and unaffordable in the world. This crisis of affordability hurts people who are least able to pay the most: people living on the fringes of the city, renters, new migrants and low-income groups.

Innovations are currently happening in housing that are concerned less with formal or material changes and much more with innovation in the ways we live together. It is in thinking beyond the exclusivity of private land ownership, that solutions to the vexed issues of housing are beginning to emerge.

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Innovations in Transportation

I’ve used a bicycle as my principal means of getting around NY for decades. It’s easier and safer now than it used to be. I often take a full-size folding bike when I do a music tour, and this becomes a way of exploring where I happen to be. Vibrant neighborhoods, odd museums, an explosion of suburban house buildings and wonderful cities bisected by freeways. Not always encouraging, but there are signs of change.

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