Designing for a Healing Environment

Eskenazi Health is Indianapolis’ public health system. It comprises a downtown hospital and ten primary healthcare clinics throughout the city. While the hospital has had different names over its 160-year history, the mission has always been to serve the health needs of the community regardless of their ability to pay. While there are other hospital systems in the city, as the public hospital, Eskenazi Health supports uninsured individuals and those that are vulnerable to rising healthcare costs.

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Ending the War on Drugs

What happens when we think of Drug addiction as a health problem rather than a crime?

In Vancouver, Mayor Robertson and I biked through a funky neighborhood called Gastown known for drug use. He pointed out a giant photo piece by local artist Stan Douglas of what became known as the Gastown Riot when police rounded up drug users in 1971. It’s like a scene from a movie, with all the period detail.

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